Are you a seme or an uke?

This quiz is about either being the seme-type or the uke-type. If you don't know, "seme" and "uke" is two Japanese words meaning "attack" and "to recieve". These two words describe different personalities in "yaoi" witch is a Japanese anime-genre meaning love between boys, but even if you're a girl, you can check out your personality!

Now... do you have a personality like a seme or an uke? Even though "yaoi" is targeted for a female audience, this test can be tried out by both gender, so check it out!

Created by: Karuta Ichijou
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  1. What do you do, when seeing someone innocent in trouble?
  2. What do you do, when you realize, that you forgot to do some of your homework for either school or work when you arrive?
  3. You want to spend a day with your lover. How will you ask them out?
  4. What do you do when you are free from school or work?
  5. You're in the cinema and you are watching horror-movie. How do you react on the jumpscares?
  6. What would you do, if your lover caresses your hand or cheek?
  7. What kind of person are you?
  8. What kind of person are you in your love-life?
  9. What will you do, if a little girl's balloon is stuck in a tree?
  10. When you think about your lover, how do you feel?
  11. What color do you like best?

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Quiz topic: Am I a seme or an uke?