Are You Culturally Left Wing OR Right Wing?

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Reformism Is Progressing Culturally That Goes Against Few Traditional Values. Reformist Tend To Progress Slowly But There Still Seek For Progress Culturally. Overall Cringe. Progressive Is Reformism But Faster Progress That Goes Against Alot Of Traditional Values. Progressives Are Woke Gen Z That Would Go Against Religion. Overall Cringe. Revolutionary Is Progressive But Not Fast Progress Extreme Fast Progress. They Believe That A Society That Have Never Been Established Before Be Immediately Brought, Which Goes Against All Traditiona…

Conservativism Is Conserving Traditional And Culture From The Past. Conservativism Is Also Religious And Seeks To Have A Theocracy Government. Overall Based. Traditionalism Is Conservativism But More Conservative. Traditionalism Believes In Keeping Traditions As Much As Possible Even Traditions That Were Centuries Old. Overall Based. Reactionary Is Traditionalist But More Traditionalist But Reactionary Seeks To Culturally Go Back To A Period Before, Usually Centuries. Overall Based.

Created by: AutherComrade
  1. Reason Is More Important Than Keeping Traditions
  2. The State Should Be Ruled By A Religion
  3. We Should Strive For Some Culturally Progress To Benefit Society
  4. Life Was Better Many Centuries Ago Than Now
  5. The World Shouldn't Change From Now
  6. If Workers' Parties Do Not Win In Elections, They Should Revolute
  7. The World Is Woke
  8. I Don't Support Social Equality Movements
  9. New Man-Made Genders Are Immoral
  10. Abortion Should Be Illegal

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Quiz topic: Am I Culturally Left Wing OR Right Wing?