What ethos do you fit?

Political ideology is complicated, and relies on a lot of different things, many of which are subjective or culturally based. This is an attempt to look more at underlying culturally independent ethos and map those values to ideology.

Most questions are in a "complete this sentence" format. Pick the option that you feel is best, even if you agree with more than one. If answers seem similar, they are probably weighted similarly for your ideology.

Created by: Marc
  1. The primary function of a government is:
  2. If a minority group is causing internal turmoil and economic drain, what should be done?
  3. Should the government provide for people?
  4. Are people equal?
  5. Which of these things is most important? Supposing there was a case where one of these things would have to be limited in favor of another, which is the one you would want to avoid limiting as much as possible?
  6. How important is public morality or decorum?
  7. Is it better to be revolutionary or traditional?
  8. Do you consider yourself left-wing or right-wing?
  9. Is it important to support your country and rulers, even if you disagree with them?
  10. Are you proud of your country?
  11. Which of these is the biggest division between people?
  12. Land should belong to
  13. The economy should
  14. People should eat
  15. A truly free market means
  16. A government should
  17. People with genetic disabilities
  18. Authority
  19. Criminals should be

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Quiz topic: What ethos do I fit?