Political Compass Test

The political compass is a multi-axis political model, used by the website of the same name, to label or organise political thought on two dimensions. In its selection and representation of these two dimensions, it is similar to the Nolan Chart and Pournelle Chart.

The underlying theory of the Political Compass is that political ideology may be better measured along two separate and independent axes. The Economic (Left–Right) axis measures one's opinion of how the economy should be run: "left" is defined as the desire for the economy to be run by a cooperative collective agency (which can mean the state, but can also mean a network of communes), while "right" is defined as the desire for the economy to be left to the devices of competing individuals and organizations.

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  1. The freer the market, the freer the people
  2. Protest organisers should be held responsible if a protest gets out of control
  3. The 'free world' should promote democracy in countries run by dictatorships using military force
  4. People should have the right to bear arms
  5. It is racist to be proud of your race and to celebrate the accomplishments of your race
  6. Abortion is murder
  7. People should be able to officially identify as genders other than male and female
  8. The rich should be taxed more
  9. Communism could never work in the real world
  10. People have the 'right to be a bigot'
  11. It is more important to be educated rather than be skilled
  12. The death penalty should be legal in some cases
  13. All religions are equally good/bad
  14. Teachers/professors should not be able to express their own political views while teaching
  15. Transgender awareness should be taught in public schools
  16. The government should provide free healthcare to all of its citizens
  17. The government should be able to spy on citizens in order to stop terrorist attacks
  18. Same-sex couples are as good at parenting as straight couples
  19. The government usually has its citizens best interests at heart
  20. Intellectual diversity is more important than racial diversity
  21. Man-made global warming is a serious problem that humans must prevent
  22. Capatalism makes people greedy
  23. Violence against government officials is sometimes justified

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