The 10values political quiz

Ever heard of the 8values political quiz? This 10values political quiz is just an extension on that. The major difference is that here, there is a new axis, the political freedom axis.

This uses progressive and conservative in much the same way that 8values uses the word progressive. It just means someone who wants progressive. Under that definition, right-wing progressives do exist.

Created by: politicalmaster
  1. Economic: I support a totally free market
  2. Economic: I support the idea that welfare is beneficial
  3. Economic: I support higher taxes on the wealthy
  4. Economic: I support state owned businesses
  5. Economic: I support public ownership of property
  6. Economic: I support a national wage
  7. Economic: I support a minimum wage
  8. Social: I support drug legalization
  9. Social: I support homosexuality
  10. Social: I support abortion
  11. Social: I support multiple spouses
  12. Social: I support total free speech
  13. Social: I support the right to own guns
  14. Social: I support total free religion
  15. Societal: I support to keep traditional values
  16. Societal: I support working to better humanity
  17. Societal: I support little societal change
  18. Societal: I support my religion as the basis for my ideology
  19. Societal: I support evolution
  20. Societal: I support the idea of a God
  21. Societal: Laws should be based on moral theory, even if means compromising liberties
  22. Foreign: I support a military expansion
  23. Foreign: I support a good diplomacy
  24. Foreign: I support an imperialist foreign policy
  25. Foreign: I support intervention in times of serious crisis
  26. Foreign: I support really tight border regulations
  27. Foreign: I support the notion that my culture is superior to all other cultures
  28. Foreign: I support the idea that immigrants must adopt our language and culture
  29. Political: I support the idea that everyone shall have a say in new laws
  30. Political: I support the idea that a non qualified president who has a lot of support should be president
  31. Political: I support the notion that the ruler should determine the next ruler
  32. Political: I support a one-party system
  33. Political: I support the idea that a revolt is an okay way to overthrow a government
  34. Political: I support the notion that people deserve no rights
  35. Political: I support the right to feel comfortable

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