Pol Ideology for YIG

What is your political ideology? Where do you fall on the political compass? The point of this quiz is to determine your stance on many issues that nations face today?

Are you a liberal or conservative? Capitalist or communist? Do you believe in an authoritarian state or a nonexistent form of government? Are you a libertarian or an anarchist?

Created by: MrPrussia
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  1. Government should ban abortion, except maybe in fatal situations.
  2. Government health care is a good thing because it helps who could not otherwise afford health care.
  3. Labor unions are a good thing because they keep companies from abusing workers.
  4. Immigrants should be allowed to enter the nation legally.
  5. Illegal immigrants should be deported, not allowed to apply to stay.
  6. To eliminate the government's debt, we should
  7. If any thing was cut from government spending it should be
  8. The best government is
  9. Power is
  10. The government should

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