What Political Stance Do You Take?

What political ideology do you belong to? this quiz does not serve to be a definite answer for you, but you might get a better understanding from it.

Are you a republican? A democrat? liberal? conservative? This quiz might help you find out what you are, but it isn't a guarantee that it will tell you exactly what you are. It is a mere quiz to help see where you stand amongst the issues. From that, I will tell you in the quiz what you most likely are, not necessarily what you believe.

Created by: Kingdaka1
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  1. Should illegal immigrants be given any government aid or granted conditional amnesty even if they agree to speak English, work hard, pay taxes, and contribute to the American way?
  2. Should a business be allowed to deny business to LGBT/Gay Oriented individuals based on religious beliefs?
  3. Should America formally declare war on ISIL/ISIS?
  4. Do you agree with the following statement? "Any country who harbors a terrorist, is a terrorist. We cannot wait for an attack to happen to take action. Preemptive strikes are necessary for American freedom and peace"
  5. Was Saddam Husseins regime of oppression, evil, and violation of GENEVA laws combined with humanitarian issues enough to warrant invasion of Iraq?
  6. Should gay marriage be legalized?
  7. Should we tax the upper quartile more than the lower quartile?
  8. Do you support the Affordable Health care Act (Obamacare)?
  9. Should America support Israel?
  10. What does Lacatus mean in Romanian? And what is it's use in the language? Dont you dare google it either..(bing for liberals).....

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Quiz topic: What Political Stance do I Take?