What is your political ideology?

The following is a detailed quiz which will determine which of the major political ideologies you identify most with. Answer all the questions honestly, you may be very surprised by your results.

What is your political ideology? Are you liberal, conservative, or libertarian? Or do you subscribe to an ideology most Americans have never heard of? Maybe you have an inner Communist or Fascist. Take the following test to find out!

Created by: JMW
  1. Generally speaking, you believe people are:
  2. What are your thoughts on taxes?
  3. What are your thoughts on Global Warming?
  4. Of the political historical figures listed below, who do you most identify with?
  5. A recent study revealed that the United States is the only First World country which as a whole, still holds a hostile attitude towards Evolution. Why is this the case?
  6. What are your thoughts on the the healthcare system?
  7. Generally speaking, "proportional representation" in a legislature is the most fair, as it ensures all groups are proportionally represented. How do you feel about this claim?
  8. Of the choices below, what do you feel is the most effective protector of freedom?
  9. In your view, "Freedom" pertains to (if you feel freedom pertains to all these things, pick what you think is most important):
  10. What is your view on affirmative action?
  11. What is your view on citizen ownership of guns?
  12. What is your view of the world?
  13. How do you feel about States Rights?
  14. In your view, what is the most important principle is a society?
  15. ...And of these principles?
  16. In your opinion, nationalism is...
  17. In your opinion, war is....
  18. What is your general opinion on the government?
  19. What should be more highly prioritised in society?
  20. Are you registered to vote?
  21. Ultimately, you feel the most important aspect of freedom is:

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Quiz topic: What is my political ideology?