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  • What is your political ideology?
    Your Result: Conservative 85%

    This quiz has categorised you as a Conservative. You believe in a limited/minimal role in the government to solve social problems, and instead believe economic growth is paramount. It is possible you may identify with the "religious right" as well.

    85% Fascist/Radical Right
    61% Libertarian
    20% Liberal
    7% Social Democrat
    0% Communist/Radical Left

    Frick communism. It looks good on paper, but it isnt in practice. Thats why I aint a commie. Conservatives is fairly accurate, as a fascism. I am in general bossy and dont really care about others. I am a lone wolf. However, I am very progressive. I prefer knowing a lot of tech over slow change. Use the ottomans as an example: they were so weak in ww1 bc of their lack of tech. Eventually, America will rule the world. Id prefer to be the leader than the subject.

    ThisIs NEW ROME
  • Fascism a leftist ideology? Hilarious. The left, theoretically, has nothing to do with the state. In theory, it should wither away. Of course, leftists nearly always assume the extreme rightist (i.e. antiliberty, concentrated power) mantle. The entire point of leftist ideology is to increase the equality and freedom of humanity to create the extreme diffusion of power. Now, it NEVER works, but that's the point.

    Rightist ideology (fascism, theocracy, monarchy, despotism, etc.) has always been associated with absolute control of the government and society. Would one argue that Charles I, the Tsars of Russia, or the Ayatollah Khomeini were leftists? Hardly.

    This is all built out of this absurd notion that conservatism promotes freedom. Yeah, the freedom to pollute, the freedom to limit freedom, and the freedom to not pay taxes! Individual liberty not in line with traditional and religious notions of values is anathema to conservatism, and always has been. Conservatism and true liberty and freedom are not compatible. Of course, conservatism is merely an extremely watered down version of other rightist ideologies in its limited but very real defense of traditional (and often restrictive) traditional mores. Generally, conservatism is a fairly inobtrusive rightist ideology, but still a rightist ideology.

  • I believe that this quiz is biased. But nonetheless a good quiz. Some of the ideologies are well expressed while others are not. And to a comment I had seen earlier, fascist and conservative are not the same. they are actually two different pieces of the republican party. A fascist, for example, is Adolf Hitler. Hitler let everyone and their brother let businesses run free and do whatever they wish to prosper while government stayed out of it. A conservative, however, leans to less government regulation. It'll have some involvement but not a brown-noser. But a conservative focuses on the National values of a nation, or government. Such as Christianity in the United States and pro-life. Don't compare the two as the same.

  • What is your political ideology?
    Your Result: Fascist/Radical Right 88%

    This quiz has defined you as a Fascist. You believe in the centralisation of the state in order to take a more militaristic approach to society. You believe authority is the core value of any society and that intellectualism and freedom of debate does more harm than good. Social solidarity is a key element of your ideology. You may or may not be supportive of capitalism, religion, or extreme nationalism, depending on the type of fascism you identify with

    73% Conservative
    29% Libertarian
    6% Liberal
    6% Communist/Radical Left
    0% Social Democrat

  • This quiz is highly biased, for example there are numerous examples of answers that say "unless a full transition to socialism is achieved", the questions there quite obviously lead to getting a result of 'Socialist'. This is clearly made from the point of view of a right wing Republican, the ones who call Obama a Socialist. The only answers worded even remotely reasonably are the ones that would relate to Libertarianism or Conservatism. Anything relating to other Ideologies is worded as though the person saying it is some form of extremist. A poor and very biased quiz.

  • Your quiz results
    What is your political ideology?
    Your Result: Social Democrat 74%

    This quiz has defined you as a Social Democrat (you may or may not be a Democratic Socialist as well). In general you are in the Liberal mindset, but wish to take it a step further. You favour the brodening of various social programs and a progressive income tax system to help alleviate social inequality. You wish to change the current social paradigm, but through gradual means.

    70% Liberal
    62% Communist/Radical Left
    26% Fascist/Radical Right
    16% Conservative
    16% Libertarian
    Fair enough, 3/5

  • "This quiz has categorized you as a Conservative. You believe in a limited/minimal role in the government to solve social problems, and instead believe economic growth is paramount. It is possible you may identify with the "religious right" as well."

    I'm a libertarian atheist, and very conservative... The religious right annoys the crap out of me because they refuse to use the logic of their morality and instead depend on "God said so" to try to make their point. Back it up with logic and a liberal will argue with you. Point to God as your source of morality and you're laughed at, even though it's the same point.

  • Your Result: Social Democrat (79%)

    This quiz has defined you as a Social Democrat (you may or may not be a Democratic Socialist as well). In general you are in the Liberal mindset, but wish to take it a step further. You favour the brodening of various social programs and a progressive income tax system to help alleviate social inequality. You wish to change the current social paradigm, but through gradual means.

    Liberal (76)
    Communist/Rad ical Left (39)
    Libertarian (25)
    Conservative (13)
    Fascist/Radic al Right (0)

  • Your Result: Social Democrat

    This quiz has defined you as a Social Democrat (you may or may not be a Democratic Socialist as well). In general you are in the Liberal mindset, but wish to take it a step further. You favour the brodening of various social programs and a progressive income tax system to help alleviate social inequality. You wish to change the current social paradigm, but through gradual means.

    C ommunist/Radical Left
    Fa scist/Radical Right

  • eaglewood fascism is not left wing... you can type that into any search engine and prove yourself wrong. Left wing Ideologies generally move away from big business, nationalism and economic disparity. Fascism does all those things, Fascism is basically capitalism but with a controlling government. But you are right in the sense that conservatism is different than Fascism, that's why they're two separate ideologies.

    On another subject; this quiz is quite biases, you can pretty much tell what you're going to be from the answers given. It should be more abstract so people won't purposely go to one side. This quiz also seems to water Communism/Socialism down to merely "Capitalism bad!" but there's a hell of a lot more to it than that. I won't waste my time elaborating the nuances of an extremely complex and misunderstood branch of politics when you can just go and look it up yourself, though I suggest more than the standard Wikipedia...

    I personally came out as a Communist, which didn't surprise me in the least but I merely want to clear this out of the air; Stalinism =/= Communism as Stalinism focus' on the centralization of power into a small elite, nationalism and military imperialism... pretty much what Communism is against. Though Stalinism maintains SOME Communist and Socialist economic aspects they are not applicable under such social conditions under which I have already stated. Further, I wish to advise people be knowledgeable that there are many different branches of Communism and Socialism, please, be aware of them and exile the prejudice inevitably implanted in your mind via the Cold War and both belligerents propaganda.

  • I got Liberal. I feel it is a frivolous thing to put ourselves behind the names of political groups. No two people are going to have the exact same views on every political occurrence. We all have our own views on everything, so we should stop masquerading behind loosely defined words. Also whoever wrote this quiz was obviously against religion, and did not give very many different options. If they did live in another country, as you others said they did, why would they make a quiz about American politics?

  • Obviously created by a narrow minded leftist. There was not enough nuance. As usual with the left you have to choose from a lesser of evils! I didn't fully agree with most of the answers I chose but my views weren't represented. The creator should broaden his/her world view. Turn off the tube & read classic philosophy and anthropology.

  • This quiz pegged me to be conservative, which I am. But I have a independent streak as well. And support not only the constitution, but the commandments as well.

    Therefore, I consider myself a conservative with a independent free thinking streak. As such I want to say that on some issues I maybe more independent to libertarian than I take credit for. However, unlike the World's Smallest Political Quiz this one is much better at asking questions.

  • I can I just go on a tyrant.... man watching the debate now going to do this long it's 9:35PM right now going to talk more while think how to say this... ok Obama care Isn't Federal care it's insurance over care, it's still competition but they get more customers but it's grantee care 9:40PM... O like vouches would 9:43PM... so now Im going to be 45 y/o in November if I save 4000.oo a year for 15 years I'll only have 60,000 at 60y/o what should I do I may not even have a job for the next 15 years I work for a small company the owners would be 75y/o they will have enough to retire at some point & make my job obsolete 9:47PM... Romany & Ryan scare me 9:48PM... I not even in the middle... but I aint broke I can save 4k a year 9:49PM... Republicans have no plan their plan was if Obama subjects it it's not good even if it's Republican idea 9:51PM... Man a governor Mitt Romney not the same as president especially when if it's your idea last we voter no 9:54PM...man when you have less money you spend less on big things not just basics 9:56PM... man once again on health care make Senator & House deal with insurance companies 10:00PM... there is no more Russia 10:12PM Man now they on faith you want everyone to survive but not let them live in prophesity how can life be kewl under poverty I know some can surpass but most dont 10:18PM I could have been a great man if I had been born under Ryans family but still exist but cause I only make 28k a year I shout pay more than Mitt Romney 10:23PM Hope & change wont happen if you say no to all time just because president Obama suggested it 10:25PM Wall Street is up 10:26PM O & in 50s not the best civil time but no one wanted to make more cause youll just get taxed for it so just be less money so no gold bat tubes 10:29PM kewl even shot like that idea even like if I decide not that I would get married to gay man that just makes things good without law

  • I found this quiz to be better than most in this category. It's ironic that a lot of the participants found their "classification" to be accurate while criticizing the bias. By the way, Scott Walker, as correctly observed by k9cat, obviously meant to use the term "taxpayers" when describing to whom he listens. He was certainly not elected by the 50% who pay no taxes.

  • This quiz is obviously very biased against both the U.S. and religious views. I didn't even answer half of the questions as there was no choice that even remotely matches matches my views for most of them. I'm pretty sure that the only reason it was able to pedict accurately where I actually stand on the spectrum could have been determined by the first question alone. What a waste. Of all of the biased political quizes I've ever seen none is worse than this.

  • While I received the same results that I usually do - Libertarian - the quiz is definitely biased. The wording of many of the questions is negative, which will often cause the quiz taker to second guess their answers. Also, there were quite a few questions that I did not agree with any of the answers. This will not be one of the quizzes I recommend to my high school Government and Political Science students, because I don't think they are introspective enough to answer 100% honestly.

  • A few things:
    1. There IS a Conservative section.

    2. Radical/Very Far Right is Facism, the polar opposite to Radical/Very Far Left, which is Communism

    3. I do have to say, it does lean left slightly though.

    4. There is no anarchism section because anarchism is stupid and would never work, it is fueled by punk music, and do you really think those people's ideas are fit to be a country's governing system?

  • fascism in the 20th century mostly evolved from left wing socialist governments. Most are not aware of the actual meanings of definitions for political terms due to deliberate obfuscation by political ideologies, (with the medias assistance). For example, the term liberal, as used in the US - really means progressive socialist- classical liberalism was for political and economic freedom while progressive socialist is for equality of results

  • I think this quiz more or less identified my ideology (libertarian), but the classification graphic is screwy because "fascist" and "radical right" do not belong on the same line together. Fascism is so totalitarian by nature (strict government control) that it can't be located anywhere near the "right" end of the spectrum. Libertarians and conservatives favor as little government control as possible.

  • I was Libertarian. Not what I expected as I align more as a left leaning centrist. Im constitutionally conservative but Im definitely not a laissez-faire non-regulatory market guy. In fact, with the exception of protecting the 1st and 2nd Amendments these are my priority of issues

    1. Anti-censorship (free press, free speech, extend the 1st amendment to apply to private businesses and social media outlets.

    2. Anti-Monopoly (If someone owns the means of production, they own society. Free market makes competition to create the cheapest and best products. We must also stop Oligarchies (A few companies owning a sector of the market (example: health insurance and cable companies), similar to a monopoly in that they teeter on the edge of monopoly, issue non compete clauses and work together to eliminate competitiveness, keeping prices high).

    3) nonprofit/ free press. Mainstream media is all privately owned. Rather than state control we have capitalist propaganda. Should unbiased/ independent journalism be owned by a consumerist leaning bias/ propaganda?

    4) Non affiliated regulation body: For both the Federal Reserve and for Congressional wages/ benefits. The Fed is ironic as its not government ran. Its ran by plutocrats who have a board that favors them through $$$. The Fed has the most power and the super wealthy elites have the real power. They buy Congress.

    Ever get sick of Government officials having a superior healthcare plan, vs the rest of the population? They can shut government down, Filibuster, and studies show that 60% of the time, they vote in favor of contributors/ special interests groups, over our views. Crony capitalism is bad enough, but why can they give themselves raises? That ideology gives no incentive to improve performance or to abide by the peoples voice.

    5) Repeal Citizens United: Corporations are not people, dont deserve favoritism, and the certainly shouldnt be able to donate infinite $ to campaigns and special interests. Even more insu

    Jeff Singer ESU
  • I always thought i was a anarchist known as an ochlarchist. I want to decide what i say, do, act like. Not let the pigs tell me what i can or can not do. I want to be considered a human being in complete authority of only myself. And no other human being on this earth can rule or enforce or act authoritive against my body and soul. Only i have the right to do all that to myself only. Not external forces.

    Shawn Kulm
  • I hate republicans. I have yet to see one who has done this country any good since the time of my birth. Look at Scott Walker in Wisconsin right now! He is screwing up a state that used to be a leader in progression! Not only that, but he refuses to listen to the people of the state. He says that he isn't listening to the protestors because he is "listening to the tax payers". WHAT?!? ARE ALL CITIZENS NOT TAX PAYERS?!? The GOP is starting to seem less "grand" and more unimpressive.

  • certainly not a facist! This is bull. Am a proud conservative repubican who believes that free market enterprise is what made this country great! No big government run programs like healthcare. Goverment has bankrupted everything it controls including Social Security, how can they run a National Healthcare program? Acorn???? Need I say more?

  • It thoroughly amazes me the lack of education people have concerning political ideologies.

    Communism, socialism, and fascism are all "left wing" ideologies. The primary concern in each of these is varying degrees of state control over the individual. Like it or not people Hitler was left wing. He was the leader of the National Socialist Party commonly referred to as the Nazi Party. Mussolini was a fascist. Neither one of these men had anything to do with giving freedom to the individual other than the elite whom had been in control.

    To those who have equated fascism with conservatism you have been brain washed. Conservatism is an ideology bent primarily on maintaining the status quo. Essentially keeping government at its present size. While it is often a right of center ideology it is not a true smaller government is better group.

    I was a conservative for many years, I am no longer I believe in a smaller government and I believe radical steps need to be taken to get there. I am a libertarian at heart, and believe we should be able to live our lives with as little government intervention as possible. I came to this position after years of study and contemplation.

    P lease people educate your selves before you comment. If you do not you end up looking like an idiot. I do not care what ideology you ascribe to, I am just saying be sure you know what you are talking about. Don't just regurgitate what you have been spoon fed by those who have an agenda.

    Fascism != conservatism
    Fasci sm != right wing


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