What is your political ideology 2?

This political quiz is a much better update to the one I originally created. It has more choices, clearer questions, and RESULTS! The first two questions are just for stats. So their are only 10 questions to think about. Good Luck

Are you a Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Social Democrat, Democratic Socialist, Anarchist, Communist, or Fascist? Are you a Jack Kennedy? a Ronald Reagan? a Ron Paul? a Ralph Nader? a Clement Atlee? a Mahatma Ghandi? a Lenin? or a Hitler?

Created by: Robert

  1. Are you Religious, Spiritual, Agnostic, or Atheist?
  2. Should we legalize marijuana?
  3. What are your views on gay marriage?
  4. Are you a Isolationist, Interventionist, or in the middle?
  5. What economic theory do you prefer?
  6. What size of government do you prefer?
  7. What are your views of abortion?
  8. What group of people do you mostly identify with?
  9. What is your range on a scale of societal change?
  10. Where are you on a violence scale?

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Quiz topic: What is my political ideology 2?