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Not sure where you fit on the political spectrum? Not sure whether to vote with the Greens or the Christian Democrats? Libertarian or Liberal? Conservative or Fascist?

Well this quiz won't give you all the answers but it'll help you to start asking the right questions. What matters more with this quiz is not the answer you pick but the rationale behind it. Take your time. Good luck.

Created by: Christopher
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  1. Should abortion be legal?
  2. Should the state prohibit forms of hateful expression?
  3. Is it the government's responsibility to make sure unemployment is low?
  4. Should the government spend money on arts and culture?
  5. Is education a right?
  6. Should the state work to reduce the privatization of water?
  7. Is national defence the central concern of the state?
  8. Who should pay taxes?
  9. Should the state subsidize agriculture?
  10. Should minorities be granted special rights such as affirmative action, self-government, etc.

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