Political Ideology

Your political views define how you look at the world. Do you want higher taxes and more spending? Bigger or Smaller Government? Left or Right? Libertarian or Statist?

Created by: nottelling
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  1. Most Abortions should be illegal
  2. Affirmative Action should be eliminated.
  3. The size of the military should be significantly reduced
  4. The U.S. should adapt Universal Healthcare
  5. The U.S. should adapt a nation I.D. card
  6. Alleged Terrorists should recieve civilian trials.
  7. The only legitimate role of government is to protect indivindual rights.
  8. State's right's are a good thing.
  9. Gay's should be allowed to marry.
  10. Marijuana should be legalized.
  11. The U.S. should implement Cap and Trade
  12. The U.S. Government shoud provide more social services.
  13. America should withdraw from the U.N.
  14. Liberty must always come before Security.

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