Poltical Ideology

Here you can do only a few questions to see (roughly) what your political ideology is (or what is close to it). Dive right in, any suggestions are wlecome.

So ya. Enjoy this awesomely awseome quizs. Are you a commie? A Fascist? WHo knows, you will soon enuff. Dive right in, any suggestions are wlecome. ALL TIME AT IT

Created by: Jesus Christ
  1. Do you believe the state (government) should play a roll in society?
  2. Should private property exist?
  3. Homosexuality right?
  4. Abortion
  5. The means of production should be in the hands of:
  6. Race/National superiority/inferiority:
  7. Free Market Capitalism
  8. Freedom of Speech
  9. War in Iraq
  10. What is the case of our nations problems.
  11. Which one of the following political figures (of past and present) do you agree with most:

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