If you were ruler, which ideology should you follow

This quiz is about theme "What if you were one ordinary leader?" (Not necessary the ruthless dictator!) This quiz is based on some facts, and can be very interesting I guess...Don't blame me if you got unexpected results. This quiz is ONLY for fun!

Are you ever wanted to be president? This quiz would solve all your ideas, and calculate what type of ideology do you (actively or passively) follow. There are 9 types of ideologies here and 10 challenging questions. Good luck!

Created by: ultras1911
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  1. You begin your regime. What was your path to power?
  2. You begin to rule. What is your first move?
  3. When you completed your first goal...What can be greatest plan for your rule?
  4. You're facing challenger in coming elections. He (or she) has strong support in nation's working class. What should you do?
  5. Your stronger neighbor has invaded your country. You didn't get war declaration from them, and they are some 5 kms from your palace. What is your move?
  6. Some of your men betrayed you for higher interests. They demand bigger functions for them. Also, your henchmen reported you their plans. What should you do with traitors?
  7. Your country still doesn't have its official anthem. You launched contest for anthem, but with one condition, anthem must have some familiar tune. Winner would be anthem with tune of...
  8. Your country suffers from huge unemployment, they can buy food and water only with special tickets, agriculture and fishing is destroyed, the WHOLE country seems to be hit from economic crysis. What is your move.
  9. You managed to build one strong and respected armed force...but your military equipment is quilt old, and powerless against modern armed invader. What should you do?
  10. And last question...Who would be role model for your country?

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Quiz topic: If you were ruler, which ideology should I follow