Political Ideology Quiz

There are those interested in politics that don't know their ideology classification. That's why i made this quiz. go ahead and give it a try you may be surprised.

Are you interested in politics? if so take this quiz to find out which side you belong to. Especially if you plan on voting, you can choose your candidtae wisely.

Created by: CJ
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  1. Should there be gay marriage?
  2. Should there be legal abortion?
  3. Should marijuana be legal?
  4. Should we have absolute free trade?
  5. Should we expand the armed forces?
  6. Should our troops still be in the middle east?
  7. Should there be television censorship?
  8. Should the Patriot Act still be used?
  9. Should we still have the death penalty?
  10. Should there be affirmative action?
  11. Should we still have the 2nd amendment?
  12. Should we have higher or lower taxes?
  13. Should social security be privatized?
  14. Should amnesty be granted to illegal immigrants?
  15. Should there be government healthcare?
  16. Should we consult with the UN before using military action?

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