What's Your Political Ideology?

Welcome to the quiz! You will answer 34 questions which, taken together, will determine which political ideology you most fit within! Do your best, and remember, you are picking the answers you MOST agree with, not necessarily your exact views!

The questions weigh whether you are more Idealist or Materialist, Capitalist or Leftist, and Conservative or Progressive. Once you answer them, you will see which political ideology is closest to yours!

Created by: Nobody's Driving
  1. Has human nature always been the same, or has human nature always been shaped by its surroundings?
  2. Do women and men have inherently different natures?
  3. How should the means of production (i.e. factories, tools, land) be managed or owned?
  4. Does one's place in society, better or worse, come from how skilled or hard-working one is?
  5. Is going to work a voluntary choice?
  6. Is there such thing as an objective, material reality? Or is the mind the only thing one can know exists for sure?
  7. Is history more shaped by material circumstances or by ideas?
  8. Does productivity tend to benefit society as a whole?
  9. What do you think of the LGBTQ community?
  10. What do you think of feminism?
  11. Is it more important for society to be stable, regardless of injustice, in order to prevent against violent upheaval?
  12. Is it usually more mature to respect authority figures?
  13. Should private property (property used to generate profit, i.e. the ownership of land, buildings, tools, factories, apartments, concepts, etc) exist? (Important: Do not confuse with personal property, i.e. what one uses in everyday use like a house, car, phone, clothing, etc)
  14. When production is put toward the end of generating profit, does it naturally tend toward benefitting society?
  15. What do you think is the purpose of the government, or what should it be used for?
  16. Should the government interfere in global affairs?
  17. Should immigration be restricted?
  18. Do you think a market economy is the best economic model available for society?
  19. Is racism a major issue today?
  20. What are your thoughts on the police?
  21. Are people entitled to basic necessities?
  22. Should the government enact/increase gun control?
  23. Is democracy better or worse as a means of organizing society? What system of democracy would be best?
  24. Which is most beneficial, keeping things as they are, returning to how things were in the past, reforming our current conditions, or waging a revolution against our current system?
  25. What is freedom?
  26. Is there a major conflict in society? If so, where is it?
  27. Are people naturally drawn towards others within their race?
  28. Are labor unions better or worse for society?
  29. Should the government provide healthcare and college, free of charge, to all?
  30. What is capitalism?
  31. Is freedom of speech being infringed upon?
  32. Is modern day society too sensitive?
  33. What are your thoughts on taxes?
  34. What do you think of global warming?

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Quiz topic: What's my Political Ideology?