What is your political ideology?

There are several types of governments that the world has today. Many have different political ideologies. Some believe in absolute freedom, while others believe in total control.

Are you a Conservative, or a Liberal? Perhaps you could be a Libertarian, or a Socialist. This quiz will define your political ideology, which you'll find out in a few minutes.

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  1. Should Gay Couples have the right for Marriage?
  2. Should the Government raise taxes?
  3. Thoughts on Universal Healthcare?
  4. Should abortion be illegal, optional, or mandatory?
  5. Should religion be allowed in public?
  6. Which Political Leader do you look up to the most?
  7. State Ownership? Corporate Ownership? Or Private Ownership?
  8. Should people have freedom?
  9. Should people have the right to own guns?
  10. Dictatorship or Democracy?
  11. Liberty or Equality?
  12. Are you registered to vote?

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Quiz topic: What is my political ideology?