Find out your political ideology!

We hear about political ideologies in the news all the time. Politicians are called things like 'fascist' and 'socialist' frequently. The purpose of this unit is to put that information in context. This quiz is the first step.

This quiz is designed to help you figure out what political ideology your beliefs most closely align with. After you learn more about these ideologies in class, you'll be able to judge your results.

Created by: Kiraney of Citizenship Quiz
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  1. In your opinion, the most important goal of any government is to...
  2. Which most closely aligns with your beliefs on equality?
  3. Which most closely aligns with your beliefs on democracy?
  4. Which most closely aligns with your beliefs on the economy?
  5. Which of the following most closely aligns with your views on human nature?
  6. What do you think has the biggest influence on your political ideology?
  7. How often do you watch/read the news?
  8. It is important to know about political ideologies and which ones I closely align with.
  9. What block are you in?
  10. I feel comfortable sharing my opinions in this class.

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Quiz topic: Find out my political ideology!