what is your political ideology? (better)

everyone in their lifes has got into politics, and asked themselves ''what is my ideology?'' ok! now here, you can take the test to see you ideology, have 'fun'!

what are you? a socialist? fascist? or literally hitler? or are you literally marx or lenin? or just a capitalist conservative and liberal? or an anarchist? or the social democrats? find out here!

Created by: genny bianco
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  1. who should own the Means of Production?
  2. Welfare State?
  3. do you oppose Authoritarianism?
  4. should we maintain tradition and culture?
  5. do you promote civil rights and political freedom?
  6. what do you think of capitalism?
  7. should we expand our territory to maintain our national sovereignity?
  8. what is your opinion on immigration?
  9. ....... taxes?
  10. public or private education?
  11. should we held elections?
  12. what is your best year?

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Quiz topic: What is my political ideology? (better)