How Pro-market Are You?

The history of economics has been defined by those who want more economic freedom, and by those who want economic equality. This test will determine weather you are for the market or against it.

The provided questions will ask you your views on the economy, and they will be followed by questioning your political alignment. This quiz does not define your political stance, but rather your willingness to either liberate or control the market.

Created by: Neo

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  1. Taxes on the rich should be as low as possible so that their earnings can trickle down to their employees
  2. Affirmative action is vital in the process of employment
  3. The free market has generally produced greater prosperity in the past
  4. Businesses do not adhere to their environmental damage and require regulation
  5. The freer the market, the freer the people
  6. Those who are able to pay should have access to higher standards of healthcare
  7. Welfare is an unnecessary public program and should be replaced by private, non-profit charities
  8. Which tax plan do you support?
  9. Which economic theory do you support the most?
  10. Whose economic policy do you align with?

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Quiz topic: How Pro-market am I?