How Neoliberal are you?

Neoliberal does not mean liberal. No it means something very different. It is basically the ideology that the free market system should prosper by means of free trade.

How neoliberal are you? Do you love freedom by means of the free market or do you like the government controlling all of our lives? I sure hope you are not of the latter ideology...

Created by: The Rock Man
  1. Protective tariffs are good for the domestic economy because they allow industry to prosper without foreign competition
  2. Free trade is a viable option to increase competition and give the consumer the lowest possible price
  3. Monopolies must be prevented from forming by the government
  4. The government is the only agency that can save the environment from evil corporations
  5. Private agencies can assist those in need far more effectively than the government
  6. The less government subsidies and regulation the better
  7. The standard of life is increased best by means of a free market system
  8. Free trade should be increased
  9. Capitalism is the best system on earth
  10. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is good

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Quiz topic: How Neoliberal am I?