The Jess Knowledge Quiz!

I want to see how much you know about me. I have a lot of friends, and I wonder if you all know what I do in my free time, and what my passions are. I wouldn't be surprised if you know me very well, and still get most of these wrong. And if you get most of them right, it means we're probably quite close. Yay!

Have we gone to the pub together? Did I ever tell you my thoughts on the 2 referee system? In a few short minutes we'll find out just how much you know about me!!

Created by: Jessica
  1. What is Jess's favorite sport?
  2. What is her major?
  3. Where was she born?
  4. In what month is her birthday?
  5. In what month is her baby's birthday?
  6. What is her baby's name?
  7. Where did she meet Dan?
  8. How did Dan propose to her?
  9. Which of the following types of music is something Jess might actually listen to?
  10. What is her favorite movie?
  11. I'm in ur fridge...
  12. What is her favorite type of food?
  13. What is her favorite kind of drink?
  14. What is 1000101 in base 2?
  15. Her casino game of choice is
  16. She likes to read about
  17. At any given moment, she is most likely
  18. Her idol is
  19. Her operating system of choice is
  20. She grew up vacationing at
  21. She is currently mourning the loss of her childhood

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