the random knowledge quiz

Do you have knowledge inside your brain? This test does if you take it! It has 3 multible choise for over 25 questions! Knowledge is the information stored in you head and this test has random questions from tv to animals to planets!

Do you have knowledge? Do you have the will to qualify for that amazing title? up till now you could only dream about being a genius.But thanks to this great quiz,in just minutes you will find out!

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  1. pick the sourest!
  2. pick the part of your body with the most bones!
  3. pick the queen who ruled the longest time ago!
  4. pick the darkest Crayola crayon color!
  5. pick the smallest
  6. pick the heaviest
  7. pick the creature that lives the longest
  8. pick the biggest
  9. pick the longest book
  10. pick the most monopoly property
  11. pick the biggest number
  12. pick the holiday that is earilest in the calender year
  13. pick the stinkest
  14. pick the biggest
  15. pick the smallest
  16. pick the largest
  17. pick the tallest dinosaur
  18. pick the one with most teeth
  19. pick the tallest tree
  20. pick the one with the longest ears
  21. pick the instrument with the most strings
  22. pick the longest
  23. pick the group with the most singers
  24. pick the youngest singer
  25. pick the longest reg,-size candy bar
  26. pick the fastest Disney World ride
  27. pick the coldest
  28. pick the hardest substance
  29. pick the strongest for its size.
  30. pick the most evolved pokemon

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