Are You Random???

Random? Ever used this word in a proper sentence? It rules, If you are prepared to use random, a lot, take this quiz to find ot if YOU are random! Random is a fun way to express yourself, use it often for great results but use it wisely. Don't get on peoples nerves with it!

So lets get cracking. Theres a lot of not so obvious answers so think! Think like you're random! Just choose wisely! You areready to take this quiz... may the force be with you!

Created by: amazon of go-random
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  1. A Lady Fell Of a cliff, whats her name?
  2. What does 'mes amies' mean?
  3. How many holes in a polo?
  4. Is grass a sign?
  5. what charity is to remember the 1st world war?
  6. What does Bibliophobia mean?
  7. If you are a geek would you stop playing if i told u too?
  8. Do you like this quiz?
  9. Write the answer. What is 2+ 2?
  10. I eat soup with a fork. I eat soup with a fork, fork 4 soup. fork fork! what do you eat soup with?

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