The Randomly Random Quiz

This is just a random quiz that I thought I would do for you guys one day when I was really bored. Yeah. You'll be able to tell by the possible outcomes in this nonesense quiz. Hinthint... French, pencil... yeah. Really bored. Uhm... good luck. Remember, just have fun and don't hurt me when you complete the quiz. If you complete it.

Welcome to the Randomly Random Quiz. I'm telling you this thing is random. You may not like it since It'll take up some of your valuable time. I'm telling you, you won't like the outcome. Well, you might if you're totally random, like me. And, yes, I am random. COW!

Created by: Emma of Cat Catch Mouse
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  1. You really want to take this quiz? All right, here we go... What do you like out of the following? Frech, Irish, or a Pickled dog?
  2. Phantom of the Opera!
  3. Hmm... what do you think of when I yell, "Computers!"
  4. Uhm... you think of a question.
  5. This is question number 6!
  6. Shall I stop this quiz?
  7. Why in the world are you still here?
  8. If you need a life, I hear you can buy them now at Home Depot for half price.
  9. Cute boy/girl.
  10. Last question of thie quiz, I swear.
  11. Haha! I tricked you! I tricked you! This is the last question!

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