Do you fit the Korean Beauty Standards?

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Hi! This is a fun quiz to see whether or not you fit the Korean Beauty Standards. Scroll down and start the quiz to find out whether or not you do! There are many questions, so sorry if it is annoying.

REMEMBER, girl, you are beautiful. Korea has the strictest beauty standards in the world that are super hard to conform to and almost all Koreans themselves don't fit it. Please don't take your result to heart, because you are beautiful in your own way.

Created by: rwfrwf
  1. Hi! Let's start with the first question. What is your skin tone? (Answer as close as possible, note: NOT BEING RACIST)
  2. Is your skin clear and dewy?
  3. Do you have a small, heart-shaped face?
  4. Are your eyebrows straight and dark?
  5. Do you have large eyes?
  6. Do you have double eyelids?
  7. Do you have long, thick eyelashes?
  8. Do you have aegyo-sal (charming fat), which is a puffiness under your eyes, not eyebags but the puffy thing that you have when you smile?
  9. Is your nose slim, small and pointed with a high bridge?
  10. Are your lips plump, small and heart-shaped?
  11. Are your cheekbones high and defined?
  12. Do you have a defined V-shaped jawline?
  13. What colour are your eyes (sorry this is kinda random I forgot to add it in with all the eye questions)?
  14. That's facial features done. Now it's time for hair. How would you describe your hair texture?
  15. What type is your hair? (Natural)
  16. What colour is your natural hair?
  17. How far does your hair reach?
  18. What is your height?
  19. What is your body shape?
  20. What is your weight?
  21. What is your body type, and do you have thigh gap?
  22. Lastly, do you think you are beautiful?

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Quiz topic: Do I fit the Korean Beauty Standards?