Beauty standard quiz

!This quiz may not be 100% accurate, of course, vision of beauty is completely different for everyone, and every single one of you is beautiful despite beauty standards!

This quiz will help you figure out what beauty standard you fit into out of a few countries, of course there isn't every country here, but it's some of the more well known ones.

Created by: Chiyo fujimeko
  1. What colored hair do you have?
  2. What's your skin tone?
  3. What's your body type?
  4. What's your personality like?
  5. What's your clothing style?
  6. What's your age?
  7. What's your gender?
  8. What's your class?
  9. How is your personal care?
  10. Where in the world would you rather live?
  11. Have you had any plastic surgeries?
  12. What hobbies are you interested in?

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