How Much Do You Know About Beauty?

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There are a lot of people in the world, but not everyone is a Beauty Expert! What is a Beauty expert? A Beauty expert is someone who knows what being Beautiful means on the outside! Beauty experts are high maintenance and trained to know what Beauty is!

This quiz will give you a 100% accurate result on how much you know about outer Beauty! How high is your beauty IQ? Is it extremely low, very low, low, medium, high or extremely high? Take this quiz now to find out how much you know about Beauty! Instructions: Answer each question carefully, some questions are tricky and you need to pay very close attention!

Created by: Shimmers

  1. Which of the following statements defines Beauty the best?
  2. Which of the following statements best describes someone who is Beautiful?
  3. Which of the following colors stands for Beauty?
  4. What makes a person look Beautiful?
  5. What makes you personally feel beautiful?
  6. Which of the following is correct?
  7. Which of the following senses describes beauty?
  8. Which of the following words do not belong in the category?
  9. Krystal is very high maintenance! She always makes sure that she has her makeup perfect before she leaves the house, because she likes her boyfriend to see her look her best! Her boyfriend told her she looks either way, but she disagrees! This means that Krystal:
  10. How attractive looking can an overweight person be at most?
  11. Can short hair look Beautiful on a girl?
  12. Marie is a nice woman who helps everyone as best as she can! She loves to give money to charity and compliment people on good things that they do! This means that Marie is:
  13. Which of the following words do not belong with the rest?
  14. Does a nice personality make someone Beautiful Looking?
  15. Which of the following stereotypes resembles someone who is considered Beautiful.
  16. What is another word for pretty?
  17. Do you need to be on the cover of a magazine to be Beautiful?
  18. Do you need to be kind to others to be beautiful?
  19. Is it easy to be beautiful?
  20. Can someone who is naturally unattractive look beautiful with makeup?
  21. Victoria had cat eyes, flawless skin, and a perfect body! What is her physical attractive rating?
  22. How attractive is the average person?

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