Do you fit the Korean Beauty Standard?

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This quiz will tell you if you are pretty in South Korea! Please do not be mad or saddened by your answer, many people do not fit the standard. Even some K-pop idols don't fit the standard at all!

This is one of the hardest standards to meet, so don't be too disappointed. I bet if you don't if this standard, you probably most definitely fit a different one.

Created by: Cake
  1. Do you have pale skin?
  2. Are you over 165cm? (5'4)
  3. Do you have acne or acne scars?
  4. Is your hair healthy?
  5. Do you have long legs?
  6. Body shape?
  7. What's your weight?
  8. Do you have a thigh gap?
  9. Do you have heart shaped lips, a small pointy nose, and big round eyes?
  10. How big is your head compared to your body?
  11. Do you have the golden ratio? (1:8)

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Quiz topic: Do I fit the Korean Beauty Standard?