Are You Pretty According to Korean Beauty Standards?

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Ok so this is a quiz to find out if you're pretty according to Korean beauty standards, don't take this to seriously this is just a quiz so don't be sad you're pretty.

If you have low self esteem DON'T TAKE THIS QUIZ!!! [Don't be sad] if you do and took it then... Don't take this to heart that's a bad approach to things you should be happy for who you are!!

Created by: SushiWolf134
  1. Where do you come from? (Continents)
  2. What's you're body?
  3. Do you have double eyelids?
  4. Do you have a small head?
  5. Are you oriental?
  6. What's you're skin colour (Not being racist!)
  7. Are you pretty?
  8. What's you're head shape? (if you don't know google it)
  9. Do you have a slim waist?
  10. Are you South Korean?

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Quiz topic: Am I Pretty According to Korean Beauty Standards?