Are you a KOREABOO?

A koreaboo is someone who thinks they are Korean and acts like they are Korean which they are not either way. it is okay to like the Korean culture but going too deep acting like you are Korean is a koreaboo which is disrespectful to certain Koreans.

This quiz is not to OFFEND anyone! You might get an inaccurate answer but if you are an ACTUAL KOREABOO then please stop. There are also DIFFERENT KOREABOOS out there. Just because you are learning Korean doesn't mean that you are a KOREABOO. Some people learn Korean to communicate with others or with their idols. AND BE HONEST. HONESTY MIGHT GET YOU AN ACCURATE ANSWER SO BE HONEST!

Created by: Toasty

  1. Do you call someone/say Oppa?
  2. Do you know how to speak Korean?
  3. Do you use glue to make fake eyelids?
  4. What does this mean? yeoboseyo (i couldn't get it in Korean)
  5. Do you know what Oppa means?
  6. do you call your parents Eomma and Appa?
  7. What does Eomma and appa mean?(I cant get the Korean version in)
  8. Would you say that you are Korean?
  9. Are you offended by this quiz? (I am REALLY sorry if you are, this quiz was not meant to hurt you and your feelings but if it did hurt you I am REALLY sorry)
  10. Are you Korean or half Korean?

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Quiz topic: Am I a KOREABOO?