Acts 13:1-18:22

This quiz is about the book of Acts. It contains the journey's of Paul and what he experiences on these journeys. You will also learn about the places they went to, to witness.

Do you think you know anything about the book of Acts? Well in this quiz you will learn what happened in the books of Acts or well mainly what happened. take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Brianna

  1. Who traveled with Paul on his first missionary journey?
  2. Where did Saul and Barnabas go first to preach when they arrived in Cyprus?
  3. Did Sergius Paulus believe in the Word of God?
  4. What did Paul and Barnabas do on their return trip home?
  5. What did the elders do to appoint Paul and Barnabas?
  6. Who did God open the door of faith to and allow them to receive the Holy Spirit also?
  7. Did the men from Judea think you had to be circumcised to be saved?
  8. When did Paul and Barnabas declare the conversion of the Gentiles?
  9. God shewed many _____ and _____ by them.
  10. When did Moses have them that preached the word of God read in the synagogues?
  11. Who were Paul and Barnabas sent to speak to in Antioch?
  12. Were the brethren in Antioch joyful to hear the letter that was sent by Paul and Barnabas?
  13. What did Judas and Silas do in Antioch?
  14. Did Paul want John Mark to go with them on the second Missionary journey?
  15. Timothy's mother was a ______ and his father was a _______?
  16. Where was the man from that appeared to Paul in a vision at night?
  17. Where was Lydia and her household found?
  18. Was the Philippian jailer converted to believe in the Lord?
  19. What city did Paul go to, to witness to, that was given wholly to idolatry?
  20. What hill did Paul preach the word of God to the Athenians?

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