Which Acts Character Are You?

This quiz allows you to determine which character from the book of Acts you are most like. Are you like Luke, the Historian? What about Saul, the hater? Mary, who gives sacrificially out of gratitude? Maybe you are Peter, the pioneer in the faith. Or are you Paul, the rebel turned Christian?

Have fun with this quiz, but try to answer accurately and truthfully. You just might discover something new about yourself. Also, don't forget to check the rest of our website. Happy good hair day! or no hair at all day...

Created by: Dr. Luke
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  1. If you were not already a Christian, when would you decide to become one?
  2. if your friend is being persecuted you...
  3. if your friend is being persecuted you...
  4. why would someone persecute you?
  5. how much do you travel?
  6. if you were in a band what would you name it?
  7. what do you love most about Jesus?
  8. what is your spiritual gift?
  9. your stuck in jail you...
  10. what inspired you to become a Christian?

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Quiz topic: Which Acts Character am I?