How likeable are you?

hey there everyboy!! how are you doing? good, thats wonderful... what you just saw was an example of "niceness", one of the main things that determines how likeable (or not) you are. its random acts like these that make people inclined to like you or not, i mean if i said "who the hell are you??" you wudnt really find me likeable... anyway, im rambling... on to paragraph two!

so anyway, the whole point of this quiz is to see if you, yes thats YOU im talking to are a likeable character, or whether you are some generally not very likeable sort of person... hopefully you are all very nice people!

Created by: Tim
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You see a person fall over. do you:
  2. your immediate reaction when someone you don't know starts talking to you on MSN:
  3. which is your best asset?:
  4. cheating on your bf/gf is:
  5. how would you describe your looks (be honest!):
  6. do you judge people on their looks?
  7. how kind and respectful to others we are is:
  8. how likeable do you think you are?
  9. if you could choose to be any of these which would it be?
  10. guys that show sensitivity are:
  11. animals:

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Quiz topic: How likeable am I?