What trait is most important to you?

We meet people everyday and in our interactions we are looking for something in them to decide whether or not they are likeable to us. As we form relationships we have expectations of ourselves and the other person.

So what exactally are you looking for in yourself and others that means the most to you? This quiz may help you see what your looking for or confirm what you already know. Either way its fun and all you have to do is answer honestly!

Created by: Lundyn
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  1. Your best friends bf/gf keeps smiling at you like you're the best thing they've ever laid thier eyes on while at a very crowded party. Your best friend has to go suddenly and asks if you can keep an eye on their bf/gf who comes sauntering up to you as soo
  2. Your date wont shut up and all you can think of is how you need to get away. Thinking on your feet you:
  3. You've just been handed a task to do with your best friend to help. Only your best friend says that they've got to be somewhere and leaves. You:
  4. It's friday night and the club is slammin! Your friend picks out who they are going after and you like thier friend so you both head over. Only the one your friend picked seems to like you:
  5. You're at the Getty veiwing a sculptor when your sibling trips and knocks it off its pedistal! It shatters and the security gaurd from the other room comes running in and demands to know what happened. You:
  6. When at a party you:
  7. You've just been in a car accident and your best friend was driving with an expired license. You:
  8. You see an aquaintance of yours being bullied so you:
  9. You're swimming in the ocean with some friends and one of them cuts thier ankle on a reef. Suddenly you see a huge great white shark approaching! You:
  10. If you were stuck on a desert island you would want these three things:

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