What do I know?

Hey this quizz is for you ladies, just for you all know how knowledge is an important key to success. Your IQ doesn't matter but the will to cultivate yourself is the most important.

So are you ready? To get a little knowledge. Here is somewhere to start. If you dont already know the answer. Because I know us women are Phenomenaly intelligent.

Created by: Tomika

  1. Who is in the World Guiness book for being the fastest rapper?
  2. What year Apartheid was abolish?
  3. What is the currency used in India?
  4. How many Planets do we have in our solar system?
  5. How long can live a cockroach without head?
  6. What is biggest and largest animal in the world?
  7. Who is the world richest person ?
  8. Which Country won the most medals at the olympic's summer games
  9. How many WNBA teams does it have?
  10. Who invented baby diapers?

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