Who Are You in the Spanish Civil War?

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In 1936, Spain was plunged into the Spanish Civil War, a gruelling struggle between fascists, monarchists, and nationalist on one side, and liberals, socialists, communists, and Anarchists on the other.

You are living in Spain in 1936, just days after the start of the Civil War. Who are you? What role in this conflict will you play? Spain is waiting for you!

Created by: retouralanormale
  1. Who did you vote for in the election of 1936?
  2. What should be done about the Church?(Context: the Catholic Church in Spain was very conservative and opposed to the Republic, and was often in conflict with the government, especially when the Popular Front came to power)
  3. What should be done about land reform?(Context: a lot of Spanish farmland was controlled by rich oligarchic families, which made it difficult for farmers to make a living)
  4. What should be done about separatism in Catalonia, Galicia, and the Basque Country?
  5. How should the government respond to the Great Depression? (Context: Spain was hit especially hard by the Depression, and recovery was very slow)
  6. Should the monarchy be brought back? (Context: Spain became a republic in 1931. The monarchy was unpopular in urban areas, but popular with much of the right, and the instability of the republic made a restoration appealing)
  7. Would you accept aid from a foreign country if it meant compromising some of your beliefs and goals?
  8. What should be done about treasonous leaders captured by our forces?
  9. How should Spain interact with the world after the Civil War ends?
  10. Finally, how do you feel about women serving in your militia unit?

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Quiz topic: Who am I in the Spanish Civil War?