How Well Do You Know The Civil War

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The American civil war was a turning point in the expansion of the United States. There are many things that could be different if there had been a different outcome. This little quiz just scratches the surface. ENJOY

This quiz will test your basic knowledge of the US Civil war. How much do you know? Check your basic knowledge with this little quiz. When you're done it will tell you where to brush up. You can see which questions you got right and wrong.

Created by: Bill Thompson
  1. The battle of Manassas was also know as?
  2. The President of the United States during the Civil War was?
  3. John Brown led a raid that captured the US Arsenal at Harpers Ferry Virginia. Who led the US Army platoon who captured Brown and recovered the arsenal?
  4. Joshua Chamberlain a hero of Gettysburg, credited with turning the tide of the battle went on after the war to be?
  5. During the battle of Gettysburg there was a single civilian casualty, who was it?
  6. Where did the majority of Civil War battles take place?
  7. At the end of the Civil War President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by?
  8. Who became the Commander of the Army of Virginia?
  9. During the march to the sea who commanded the US troops?
  10. The Commander of the US forces in the Civil War U.S. Grant went on to become?
  11. Confederate General Stonewall Jackson was killed by a Union sniper at the battle of Chancellorsville?
  12. The battle of Picacho Peak fought during the Civil War took place in what state?
  13. In Georgia there is a carving on Stone Mountain depicting who?
  14. Lincoln's plan for freed slaves, post civil war was to?
  15. In October of 1861 General William Sherman was?
  16. On June 1, 1863 Harriet Tubman who helped many slaves escape on the underground railroad, along with Colonel Montgomery led a raid on confederates?
  17. Robert E Lee resigned from where to lead the Army of Northern Virginia?
  18. Why did black soldiers in the union army refuse payment for about 18 months?
  19. The Emancipation Proclamation Freed the slaves?
  20. The following 3 were battles of the Civil war.

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