What's Your Blood Status? (Harry Potter)

Many claim to be pure-blood wizards, but are they rightful in their claim? Find out in this quiz  how 'magical' you really are. Learn your true wizarding ancestry.

Are you a simple fooling muggle or a brilliant 'muggle-born'? Or you are a half-blood, the heir of both worlds or a pure-blood who had magical family line back from centuries? Take this quiz and find out all you ever wanted to know. Please remember to rate and comment.

Created by: hp4evr

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  1. Which house do you belong?
  2. You and your friend are eating in a restaurant. Suddenly, your friend starts acting strangely and you assume that your friend is poisoned. What would you do?
  3. When did you first hear about Hogwarts?
  4. What do you think magic is?
  5. Which of these are the names of wizarding families?
  6. Which sport do you enjoy the most?
  7. Which is your preferred mode of transportation?
  8. Which of the following drinks do you prefer?
  9. Which subjects are you likely to study at school?
  10. Where do you shop?
  11. As a child, which of the following fairy tales and folk tales did you enjoy?
  12. Muggles are:
  13. What do you expect to be?
  14. At the end, I'd like to ask whether you liked this or not. Please do comment and rate because it's my first quiz of the kind, although I do have written some Harry Potter story quizzes. I hope you enjoyed. (:

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Quiz topic: What's my Blood Status? (Harry Potter)