Do you know harry potter and the half-blood prince?

Many Harry Potter fans think that they truely know Harry Potter! Well, if you are one of those fans then this quiz is right for you! I have made a quiz on the 6th book because of the up-comming movie!

Now it is time for you to take this quiz and lets find out if you truely are a #1 Harry Potter and the half-blood prince fan! Lets find out if your truely what you say you are!!! What you might find out might be shocking! You might just be surporised!!

Created by: harrypotterfan

  1. What is the name of chapter 2
  2. What is the name of the bridge that falls in the 1st chapter
  3. What kind of creature is Aragog
  4. What does ginny tell Romilda is tattooed across harrys chest?
  5. In the final quidditch match, who competes as seeker?
  6. What is Dumboldores favorite jam?
  7. Which of these is a password for entering Dumboldores study?
  8. How many trees decorates the great hall every christmas?
  9. What is the most popular item at the weasly twins store?
  10. What is the color of the elf-madewine snape servers his guest at spinners end?
  11. How many time does Slughorn admitte to have take Felix Felicis in his life?
  12. What department did Scrimgeour work for before being appointed to minister of magic?

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Quiz topic: Do I know harry potter and the half-blood prince?