Harry Potter Sorting hat house quiz

There are only four houses but seven fantastic stories and films about Harry Potter. If you are a massive Harry potter fan you will probaly wonder which house you're in. Find out here!

Want to know which house you're in? Sweet Hufflepuff? Brave Gryffindor? Cunning pure-blood Slytherin? Smart Ravenclaw? Take this quiz to find out. Good Luck!

Created by: Flowerkitten14

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  1. You are on the Hogwarts Express when someone opens the carriage and says 'Look at that Boy/girl isn't she ugly' Do you..
  2. When in Charms class, your teacher tells you to stop talking and get on with your work. Do you..
  3. Your name comes out of the Goblet of Fire..but you didn't enter it. You're 17 though, so you are of age. Do you..
  4. You are taking your O.W.L Exam. Do you..
  5. A first year asks you if you can help them study. Do you..
  6. It's your Fifth year and you discover you have a Prefect badge. Do you..
  7. What magical career would you like to have?
  8. Your mum sends you a howler..Do you..
  9. The third floor corridor is banned..You know that. You bff wants to have a look though. Do you..
  10. Your mum says you can get a pet. Do you get...

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