1888 United States election.

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Grandson of President William Henry Harrison, Benjamin Harrison seems almost pre-ordained to become President. The refusal of James G. Blaine to seek the nomination at the Republican National Convention has resulted in Harrison's nomination on the eighth ballot.

There are times when Grover Cleveland seems like a one-man army. In 1884, he upset the postbellum order, seizing the presidency as a reformist and a Bourbon Democrat. He has achieved mixed results. His liberal use of the veto, especially for Civil War pensions and the Texas Seed Bill, has frustrated some. Elsewhere, he is a committed sound money man and a foreign policy non-interventionist.

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  1. The main issue in this election is tariffs, and Cleveland has controversially lowered them. Do you support this action from President Cleveland?
  2. If you took the quiz, who did you get in my 1884 election quiz?
  3. Do you believe there should be voting rights reform?
  4. President Cleveland has used his veto power extensively over the past four years, vetoing hundreds of pension bills for Civil War veterans he considered to be fraudulent. Do you agree with this policy?
  5. Is Benjamin Harrison to old for the Presidency?
  6. Did you support Benjamin Harrisons preposed expansion of the United States?
  7. Cleveland's Vice President Thomas Hendrick died in office, any comment?
  8. On the topic of Cleveland's scandals about the child and the non consensual relationship, do you hold the opinion Cleveland is not fit for office?
  9. One of President Cleveland's most controversial vetoes was that of the Texas Seed Bill, which would have allotted 10,000 dollars to purchase seed grain for farmers after a devastating drought in Texas. Do you agree with his decision?
  10. James G. Blaine proposed a constitutional amendment to stop public funding of parochial schools, but it was barely defeated in the Senate. Many saw this as explicitly anti-Catholic. What do you think of this idea?
  11. What is your stance on extending Civil War military pensions to Confederate veterans?
  12. Do you believe that religion should impact politics, Benjamin Harrison is religious and Cleveland is a Christian (not as strict however).
  13. Gold Standard or Free Silver or both?
  14. What is your opinion on James G. Blaine?
  15. Immigration from China is still a problem, what is your opinion on it?

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