What is your theriotype quiz?

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If you think you are a therian, then you can use this quiz to help you find your theriotype! Do research before saying that your result in this quiz is your theriotype.

Remember that this quiz isn't 100% correct, but it might help you! You might not even be a therian and get an answer, but it's the animal you act like. Hope this helps!

Created by: Starr
  1. where do you feel like you belong?
  2. Are you territorial?
  3. what do you do when someone crosses your border?
  4. Are you alert?
  5. what catigory of animal do you feel that you are?
  6. What's your diet?
  7. do you think you're a Therian?
  8. how fast do you get over death?
  9. what do you like best?
  10. are you gullible

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