Are you a feline or canine therian? (Not entirely reliable)

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Hello! This quiz will hopefully give you an Idea of your theriotype. I repeat: AN IDEA! Please do not take this quiz seriously as it might mislead you on your therian journey. Though I am confident in my answer, a quiz cannot change your identity. Also, though this quiz is accurate, if it is wrong in your identity I totally understand! Please be careful on how you perceive this quiz.

Moving on, I would also like to say that I have researched a fair chunk, and i hope you recognise the effort that went into this. Don’t forget to tell me what you think of this quiz, and if you want to support me follow me, or like my comment. Now I hope you enjoy doing this quiz!

Created by: Paws of freedom
  1. Hello and welcome! A lot of time went into this quiz, so please enjoy it. Keep in mind that the answer does not define your therian identity, but it gives you a main idea of what your theriotype may be. Now, have you ever had any certain vocal urges?
  2. Ok… *takes notes* now time for a little roleplay. You delve into the towering pines, as butterfly flutters past.Imminently, you give chase. As you sprint through the trees, you don’t notice that you run past the edge of a gorge, and trample down into a gorge. You quickly splash into the waves below. Would you be able to swim your way out, or would you barley make it out alive? (Continue the story!) and to clarify, this is not you, but your theriotype.
  3. Interesting interesting… NOW! Pick any emoji that catches your eye. This will highly effect your answer, so pick wisely!
  4. Pick whichever your heart calls to
  5. Pick a random combination of letters and numbers ~
  6. Picture this: You are granted 1 wish by a magical caterpillar you meat in the forest. He only has 3 rules. You cannot wish greedily, you cannot wish for yourself, and you cannot wish for a good person. Who do you wish for and what do you do?
  7. As an animal do you live with friends and family?
  8. Next, what colour is your hair?
  9. Ok, now another roleplay! You wake up in an enchanted forest, with beautiful lush undergrowth. Your paws canter along the hard dirt, when suddenly you see a beautiful dear. You instantly drop into a crouch, wondering whether you should hunt it or not. What do you think?
  10. Pick a personality trait you value
  11. Ok you’re done now! It’s been a pleasure quizzing with you, and please consider following me! :D

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Quiz topic: Am I a feline or canine therian? (Not entirely reliable)