What Therian Are You?

Thanks to 'Soren' and her Therian quiz motivating me to make a better one! ~ Therians are rare, special individuals who deserve nothing less than a little respect. We feel a strong spiritual connection to a singular animal, and I myself am a new Therian Tiger, and I thinks its time a make a therian quiz, with NO unrelated questions.

This quiz will help you awaken to which animal type you spiritually connect to the most, or perhaps that you don't connect at all. Some questions inappropriate for minors, but please go ahead if you wish to find out more.

Created by: Crystal
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  1. Do you know what 'awakening' is?
  2. Ok, so 'awakening' is realising that you are a Therian. So, have you 'awakened'?
  3. What location do you feel most drawn to / comfortable in?
  4. What environment do you feel most comfortable in?
  5. Do you feel comfortable in a 'pack' of any sort (be it friends or family)?
  6. If given the chance, which of these would you most want to have?
  7. Do you suffer from depression and/or feel something is missing from your life?
  8. When you get uncontrollably angry, you tend to:
  9. In pain, you tend to:
  10. When you are *sexually aroused* around a partner, what do you tend to do?
  11. Which animal type do you feel you are, want to be, or used to be?
  12. How did you find this quiz?
  13. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Therian am I?