How rare are you on Animal Jam?

In Animal Jam, there are plenty of rare people. But, also, there are some not-so-rare players. This quiz will help you find the strategy that is best for you.

Are you rare? Are you not? Until now, you can only wonder. Introducing the Animal Jam Rarity finder! Find your own animal jam rare level! Wonder no more!

Created by: Marina R.
  1. What are your best items?
  2. Someone in Jamaa Township is yelling, "Find the plushie my den! Winner gets a rare!" What do you do?
  3. Someone comes up to you and says, "Can I please have a rare?" What do you say back?
  4. One of your best buddies tells you to go to Appreciated's den. You go there. What do you think, feel, say, or do?
  5. Omg. Someone just gifted or traded you a rare black long!
  6. Someone just went to your den. You see that little one over your den icon. You wait. And wait. But, they don't go.
  7. Aparri has been spotted in Jamaa Township! Aaah!
  8. Ok. Who wants a magenta furry?
  9. How many RIMs (Rare Item Monday) do you have?
  10. Did you enjoy this mini-quiz?

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Quiz topic: How rare am I on Animal Jam?