Are You Rare Enough For A Rare Spike On AJ

Lots of people ask me am I worth a spike? I either have to say yes or no I'm tired of it so I am doing this quiz and if you have ANY OTHER question NOT ABOUT RARE SPIKES you can Jam a Gram me I'm pandandagirl or you can email me I'm [no emails]

Also you can email me or jam a gram me about requests of quizes and I'll try to do them and if they're innapropriate I won't do them at all but if they're age appropriate I'll do them for you guys!

Created by: Pandandagirl (On AJ)
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like to trade
  2. Have you traded for one?
  3. Have you tried flash trading for it with a over fair trade
  4. Have you EVER traded
  5. Are you rare
  6. Do you like rare spikes
  7. Do you think there is a way or a code or something like that to get them
  8. Do any of your friends have spikes
  9. Are you getting a rare spike
  10. Did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I Rare Enough For A Rare Spike On AJ