How Rare Are You On Animal Jam?

There are big rare jammers on animal jam, what is a rare jammer? A rare jammer is someone who has lots of rares. Like rare item Mondays or spikes, rare fox hats, etc.

Are YOU a Rare jammer? This quiz will tell you if you are a rare jammer. Maybe you will be Julian2! This quiz helps you figure out if you are rare. Good luck.

Created by: You've been hacked!
  1. What is your most rarest rare?
  2. How Many rares do you have?
  3. When did you first join Animal jam?
  4. Someone says, "Lava glove on my trade list!"
  5. Someone is holding a "best Item" contest. Winner receives Sprit armor.
  6. Trade Party!
  7. Snowyclaw's den is AMAZING. You...
  8. How long do you spend on animal jam daily?
  9. People see you decked out in your finest rares.
  10. Who is your AJ Roll Model?
  11. Do you watch anything on Youtube about AJ?
  12. How did you get your first rare?
  13. Your den is...
  14. How do you like this Quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Rare am I On Animal Jam?