Animal Jam rarest quiz

Animal Jam has lots of rare people among the game, but... you dont know how rare u rank among those rare people. Take this wonderful and funny quiz to find out and stop being confussed.

SO ARE You one of those super rare people? Only one way to find out... TAKE THIS AMAZING QUIZ!! Btw, there is a lot of kitten stuff in it because when I was making it a kitten was sleeping on me.

Created by: QWERTYBUTTER123
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  1. If you meet someone who likes u and they are a New Jammer, what do u do?
  2. If someone sends you a rare light blue fox hat, white red and black tail armor, rare long black spike wristband and rare long black spike collar in jamagram, what do u do?
  3. You decide to go to a flash trading party, and ur having fun...
  4. You have a good reputation and fans keep coming to you!! :D yay
  5. You get scammed and ur friend laughs in ur face.
  6. A dog asks to be ur pet.
  7. U become rare.
  8. U eat dinner and when u come back, it said "Your gone to log and got logged off" what do you do? (Personally I get kinda annoyed because I was DOING something!)
  9. Your animal falls off a cliff in Coral Canyons.
  10. You become a non member after being a member for years. (Like me, its bad)
  11. (This is a fun thing) Your animal jam name... for first name: Take the first two letters of ur middle name and add that to the last three letters of ur last name. Last name: Grab the first four letters of ur first name and add that to the first two letters of ur last name.

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