how rare are you animal jam

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animal jam is a game to play. but, most people do not know if there rare or now. But, until know. this Quiz will see which one you are. So, take it know before the QUIZ goes away!!!

Are you RARE? do you ever wonder if your rare or not? But know you will know with this awesome quiz i made to determine if your rare are not!Just in a few time you will see which one you are!

Created by: elizabeth

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  1. how did you get your first rare
  2. what are your rarest items
  3. when did you first join animaljam
  4. do you consider your self rare
  5. if a jammer was saying that you had to trust for bad to get your dream item would you do it?
  6. how many rares do you have
  7. how do you dress up like?
  8. did you like the quiz ( this will not affect your score )
  9. thanks for doing the quiz bye
  10. one last question. are you rare?

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Quiz topic: How rare am I animal jam